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:DO: App Peco by Massybeast :DO: App Peco by Massybeast
I got in!!

If you feel like rping with me, (which would be hella cool), i rp through chats, skype and dA notes! i can do google doc rps too, just rather new to it!
feel free to add me on skype, just remember to say who you are from doubutsu! my skype is ginmushroom :iconheblushplz:
Looking forward to making new buddies <3

Name: Peco Asai
Nickname: none so far
Age: 20
Gender: male
Height/Weight: 5'2''/130 lb

Gang: ♕ The Cats

+agility, small figure allows him for more swift movements
+smaller target due to his height
+keeping his cool where others would lose it
+strength, he actually trains twice a week to make up for the mass he lacks in height

-easily distracted, gets lost in thought when he's supposed to concentrate
-bad eyesight
-hesitant, can't decide whether to attack or not, could cost him his life
-short limbs, can't reach things or take long leaps/steps or jumps as far as taller people
-sensitive, low pain tolerance

-a set of 5 different colored box cutters

naive- simple, believes almost anything he's told and doesn't suspect others of anything unless given proof of such.
fast learner-learns to do things easily when he's shown how to. Learns best by watching others.
outgoing- likes meeting new people and doesn't have trouble being social and interacting with others
protective- wants to keep safe those who he holds close, tends to care for those people sometimes too much even. LIKE A MOTHER HEN.
submissive- submits easily to other peoples wants and ideas, feels comfortable obeying others rather than being the leader.
faces reality calmly- even in the middle of disaster or at revealing of shocking things he manages to keep his cool and be calm, patiently sort things out.
forgetful- a lot of important and less important things tend to slip from his mind and get forgotten, he's aware of this and often apologizes for it beforehand.
independent- doesn't depend on other people, it comes from him naturally to do everything he needs himself, except for the special cases like his family wanting to help him financially.


-high places
-mess, dirty places
-really drunk people

Peco was the first child in his family, there was no traumatic or dramatic family history for him. His family was a happy regular one, happy married couple as his parents and a younger brother to lighten the day. He was a good boy, went to school and got good grades, then found himself a job. His parents though at one point found a house they wanted to move into, from another town. Peco had his job to keep and he liked his job enough so he didn't want to move with his family. For the first time in many years he started having great fights with his parents about moving and not moving. While this phase was going on, Peco spent more and more time with his co-workers and stayed more nights at his friends' places rather than home with his family. It was a rebellious phase. They often took the opportunity to go paint the walls at night, never getting caught. He also got in a lot of fights out there in the night, eventually getting involved with the right people to get introduced to the Cats. He figured that he wanted to join them to find a new way to feel like he belonged somewhere, now that his real family was moving away. 
His family did move away, and before they did, Peco had managed to come to a agreement with them and stayed living at the house his family used to live in. Peco's parents demanded to be allowed to help him financially so he could live there. While Peco continued living in the town he wanted to, he started growing more calm and less rebellious, but still kept going out at night to paint and get involved with the Cats until joining them.

- has bad eyesight, thus wears contacts most of the time, glasses only when he's at home or has to take break from wearing the contacts
- bad balance, trips often due to that and it frustrates him a great deal
- naturally a blonde

Peco (c) :iconmassybeast:
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